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What is bandwidth or data transfer? How much do I need?

Bandwidth is the amount of data your website visitors can download from your website. You can calculate your bandwidth requirements basing on how big your pages are, and how much people you expect to visit your website.

Let's take an example. Suppose you have a website where average page size is 2kB, and each page contains graphics of combined size 5kB. Now you expect that your website will have 100 visitors daily, and each visitor will view 3 pages on average. Then you need monthly (2kB + 5 kB) * 100 visitors * 3 pages * 30 days = 63 MB of bandwidth.

When your website exceeds its monthly bandwidth limit, you will need to buy more bandwidth. Therefore you should plan your bandwidth requirements accordingly and not sign up with a company which offers too little of it.

Some hosting companies offer so-called "unlimited" or "unmetered" bandwidth. This means that they do not limit your bandwidth at all. This way you don't need to worry about exceeding the monthly limit.

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